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I have enjoyed working in the monument business as well as the music business.   In 1985 I got a job with a local monument company and learned the trade by digging foundations, mixing cement, and running the wheel barrow to the dirt pile.   After a couple of seasons as a trucker's helper,  I drove the setting truck and later ended up in the the plant where I sorted stock, mounted government markers, and learned to shape carve flowers and leaves.   I transferred into the layout room in 1992 to work on a design computer.   In 1995 I decided to set out on my own and established Smith Cemetery Service, specializing in cemetery repair and restoration.   I completed a number of restoration projects for area cemeteries Cemetery Repair and started working with Nevada Monument Company selling tombstones.  Nevada is a family owned firm with a solid reputation for good workmanship, deep foundations and and customer service.   Over the years I have been able to help many individuals and families with their memorial needs.  Below you will find some pictures of several of my favorite designs.

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City of Vincent Welcome Sign 2007.   

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We used an image of their Centennial Belt Buckle on the front of the stone and added some historical information on the back.  The landscaping really sets off the sign.

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 Lucille Stumpf and children chose this beautiful jet black granite and  helped plan the monument for husband/father Kevin.    Their family farm with it's unique three grain silos sits at the north entrance of Dolliver Park.

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This monument was set in 1999 for Frank and Dorothy Rieman, founders of Rieman Music in Des Moines.  Across the top weaves a musical staff with the melody to "Let Me Call You Sweetheart".   Frank's clarinet appears above his name and in between their names is the airstream trailer which symbolized the best of times for them.

Gustafson front sm.jpg (36713 bytes)

Every day the sun sets at Elkhorn Cemetery behind this monument designed by Char Gustafson for husband Rich.   This rock shaped monument sits directly on the foundation and has sawed finish, unpolished face and back.   Their barn and angus cattle live on in the sunset.

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A Celtic cross separates the names of  Wayne  and Rita Beshey on this black granite specially cut monument set in Corpus Christi Cemetery here in Fort Dodge.   In her corner is her Mercy Hospital nursing pin,  and in his the emblem for the Illinois Central Railroad.   On the backside train rounds a bend towards a windmill watertank....bringing together two of their lifelong passions.

beshey mont back sm3.JPG (96791 bytes)

Millie marker.jpg (42057 bytes)

This marker for Millie Elam was set as a "pre-need" in the Memorial Park Cemetery.   Her favorite flower is the dandylion which is etched into the middle of the stone.   In the upper left corner is the Good Shepherd and in the right is her favorite airplane which she piloted.



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